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Playing With Our Food

on January 28, 2012

I spent the greater part of last night rummaging food blogs for a piece that not only intrigued me, but incited enough cognitive response for me to write anything worthwhile.  The search yielded “Another pet peeve: can’t kids just eat?” Also from Food Politics, this piece discusses a new idea scientists believe will encourage children to eat fruits: My Fruity Faces.  My Fruity Faces are colorful stickers with faces that can be put on food – and consumed.  The main thought is that by making fruits more “fun,” children will be more inclined to eat them. 

I have the same qualms with this that Marion Nestle does.  To begin, the first ingredient (meaning the largest) is sugar.  Who would’ve guessed children would be more interested in fruit that is higher in sugar content than fruit that is not? Golly gee.  I am not certain of how much sugar is in these “My Fruity Faces,” but I would put money on it being a significant enough number to defeat the purpose of eating the fruit in the first place.  If an apple tastes like an Air Head, I would argue that it is not worth eating.

My other concern with this idea is that these are stickers.  You can stick them onto food, meaning they contain adhesive.  I think if you asked somebody “Would you like some glue with your apple?” They would most likely decline your very generous offer, even if it would make it taste “better”.


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