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on January 28, 2012

As we reach the end of the second week of class, my dietary choices remain the same – still vegan, nothing new.  Prior to this morning, I had no idea how I was going to turn “nothing has changed” into 250 words, but after our exhilarating class, I definitely have something to say.

The videos we watched were not foreign to me, and for the most part, were fairly tame (in the grand scheme of farm animal abuse videos – what we saw was vile, but it definitely gets worse).  Although I was asked to be a monster in class, as I left the room, I felt terrible.  It was like I had relapsed back to 14-year-old Psycho Vegan.  When I told my boyfriend what happened, he said “Annie, I agree that what they do to animals on factory farms is wrong, but I don’t think animals are beaten or thrown every day.” He was very wrong when he said this for two reasons: 1) animal cruelty happens every day.  As I said in class, it is a norm embedded in that culture and 2) I was still in 14-year-old Psycho Vegan state, so he shouldn’t have been surprised when I nearly lit his shoelace on fire after we walked out of Clyde’s. 

Once I settled down, I realized I had a mission on my hands: if I have no reason to change my diet (with the exception of buying local), I’ll continue to change his.  I will  most definitely be spending tomorrow finding footage of dairy cow abuse, plopping him down in front of it, and proving my point once and for all.  I will also be writing an email to my peers, apologizing for my behavior that even I am agitated by.


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