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on February 4, 2012

The piece we read on tomato production this week spoke to me.  With my diet, tomatoes are a staple, and while humans are not my priority, this whole business of slavery is just wrong.  Hunching over all day must be incredibly uncomfortable, and yield all kinds of health consequences.  Whenever I find myself in that position, getting myself back into an upright position is less than pleasurable, and ever since we read those articles, I think about tomato farmers every time.

I despise ignorance when it comes to many issues, especially when the reasoning behind ignorance is inconvenience.  For the first time in a long time, I find myself confronted with an issue that I find truly inconvenient.  I eat tomatoes every day, at almost every meal.  At this point, I doubt that Aramark gets their tomatoes from some cute farmer who picks his own, or provides his employees with back massages and tiramisu at the end of their shift.  Granted, I have not invested a great deal of time into researching ways to fix this injustice (to say the least), but I have thought about it every day.  I want to find a way to speak for those poor tomato farmers, because God knows I don’t want to start eliminating vegetables from my diet – especially while I’m on the meal plan at SU.


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