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on February 11, 2012

This week, I expanded my knowledge about food safety (especially foreign foods) and mononucleosis, neither of which have drastically changed my eating habits (well, mono has decreased my food intake).  What did catch my attention, however, was the chapter we read on Joel Salatin, owner of the revolutionary Polyface Farms.  Polyface Farms is the new face of the alternative farming movement.  Violently opposed to the industrial food system the U.S. champions, Salatin raises his animals the way many people would expect animals to be raised – outdoors, and humanely.

While I am not an omnivore, if there is one place I would encourage people to buy their food from, it would be a place like Salatin’s.  It is truly transparent – even the website uses that term to describe their operations.  There are pictures of how every animal lives out their days there, and all of them look quite happy.  I’d say they’re the luckiest animals being raised for consumption in the U.S.  Moving forward, I plan on heavily endorsing Polyface Farms’ mission and trying to find others like him near me and purchasing any food I can from them.  My mom is a real sucker for organic food, and I think she would appreciate knowing that I wasn’t going to be the Nightmare Vegan at the table when she serves dinner.  It is almost strange to think that I would ever push people to buy meat from one place or another, because aside from Polyface Farms, I’ve never heard of a farm that actually treats their animals well.  In fact, I’d say that I do not consider most “farms” these days to be farms.  My definition of a farm will always remain the same, which Polyface Farms meets.


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