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on February 25, 2012

The New York TImes articles we read on locavores really threw me for a loop.  Since the beginning of the semester, the answer to all problems concerning our food system was buying locally grown produce.  A transparent system through which we could be sure of the origins of our food appeared to be the solution to many issues.

However, after our discussion regarding the article “Math Lessons for Locavores,” I find myself completely lost.  I had plans to attend my local farmer’s market with my mom as soon as I reluctantly trudged back to Rye for spring break.  Now, however, I am questioning whether this is really a good idea.  I am so invested in knowing everything about my food that I can’t help but laugh at my current reality: I thought I was as informed as I could be, but after a discussion on the topic and a few articles, I think I might be the ignorant one, for once, which is really unnerving.  Locavores boast that by buying locally, they are helping the environment.  Tragically, the New York Times article articulates quite the opposite.  According to the article, transporting food hundreds of miles to grocery stores has minimal effect on the environment in the grand scheme of things.  The article also states that the worst offenders when it comes to the environment are humans with all of their appliances that guzzle energy to run, ie refrigerators.

All of my previous thoughts have been debunked.  I’m not certain if buying local is really the answer.  For the time being, however, I plan on at least supporting my local farmers and attempting to boycott industrial agriculture as much as humanly possible.


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