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on March 17, 2012

Chef Epstein’s choice to bring delectable food to class today had much more of an effect on me than planned.  Initially, I planned on not eating any of it out of fear of having an anxiety attack in public, but I am certainly glad I got past that.

The end result of our class today was me thinking “I can eat delicious food in the comfort of Seibert, and nobody – including my budget – can stop me.” My favorite dish was the tofu with Thai peanut sauce, of course.  I live for peanut sauce.  What I didn’t know was that my kitchen-challenged self could make it.  So, yes, I intend on living on peanut sauce and tofu if it doesn’t lead to me getting onto one of those TLC shows for obese people.  Curried corn took second place.  Although she admitted that it was one of the more difficult dishes, I have enough drive to figure out how to make it and share it with my cat on a weekly basis.

I have every intention of going to the grocery store on Sunday and storing food in my fridge, my friend Mikey’s fridge, and Tony’s fridge with awesome food.  I can actually act like the wannabe health food addict I am (I say wannabe because I eat on campus and know that I am not treating my body well as a result)! Many, many thanks to Dr. Epstein for today’s delicious dishes.


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