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on April 17, 2012

After reading that article about Mad Cow Disease, my hatred for the USDA doubled.  Rather than just seething, I chose to do something constructive with this information: share it with my lovely mother and conduct a very informal interview.  I wanted to see what she had to say about this debacle.  From what Marion Nestle’s blog post says, there has only been one case of a human suffering as a result of eating beef with Mad Cow Disease.  Eating the beef has not had any effect on people that I am aware of, so I was asking her how she felt about the government agency’s lack of interest in really attacking the issue.

She told me that the USDA made her anxious, but she was not about to get as up in arms as I am about it.  My mother watches the news every night, so I would feel confident saying that she is up to date on most issues.  I do not think most channels on TV would cover the USDA’s choice to condone Mad Cow Disease existing in the US, with the exception of maybe a 60 Minutes investigation, so she is not as in tune with what the USDA does (and does not).  She said to me “Well, Annie, people are not getting sick from it as far as I know, so I do not feel particularly guilty potentially bringing it into our home.  I do worry about Bozo and Violet though.  They say that dogs can react to Mad Cow Disease in their food.” My response was “Fine.  If you are worried about Bozo and Violet, will you continue to purchase dog food that has beef in it?” She said she would not, and would buy them food made with lamb.


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