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on April 23, 2012

Although this post is indeed late, I have some things to say about Starved For Science.  Paarlberg definitely has an agenda here, but I think I agree with him about biotechnology being kept out of Africa.  African leaders seeking to mimic Europe are against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) because they think they are unhealthy – fine.  I think that African leaders, however, should step out of their royal homes and really get in touch with their starving people.  People are STARVING TO DEATH.  IT IS A VERY UNPLEASANT WAY TO DIE – I speak from experience! I cannot understand how African leaders can call themselves leaders looking out for their people’s best interests when they ignore one of the hugest issues facing their country.

Another idea that I would like to emphasize is that GMOs would most likely save the lives of thousands of Africans.  Monsanto is not ideal to work with, but if contracting with them meant avoiding starvation, I would dare to argue that it might be an option worth considering.  Americans eat GMOs left and right, and what do you see us doing? Getting fat.  As far as I know, GMOs are not directly linked to obesity, but I think obesity is better than starvation.  Africans could use a little meat on their bones.

In terms of how Starved For Science is making me think about food… Reading this book has made me rethink GMOs.  I am not particularly against them, but I do not appreciate how aggressive Monsanto is.  Paarlberg’s work has made me grateful for living in America.  We have our problems, but I am not starving.  I’m just upset that the animals that make people fat are treated poorly.  Everybody has their crosses to bear.


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