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on May 1, 2012

Today, I watched two presentations.  One of them prompted my previous blog on portion control.

Portion control and portion distortion are things that I am always trying to figure out, mostly because I have an eating disorder, partially because I have been raised in America where portions are anything but normal.  I constantly find myself looking at the amount of food on my plate and thinking “Is this a normal amount? Is this too much?” I worry all the time that I am overfeeding myself, allowing myself to gain weight, get fat, hurt my body, and be rejected by society.  The truth is that I have absolutely no clue how much food I should be eating.  Sure, I see pictures on the Internet posted by government agencies, but I do not see a whole lot of people practicing what the government preaches.  Rather, I do not see the government forcing restaurant owners to practice what the government preaches.

With our country struggling with obesity, I find it hard to understand why restaurants are not being forced to change their menus.  I understand that restaurants make large amounts of money off of obese individuals.  Some (like the Heart Attack Grill) are open about it, which can be interpreted a number of ways.  Still, most establishments allow people to blindly consume unreal amounts of calories, fat, and cholesterol all in the name of profit.  How can the government allow this to persist?


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